The 5 C’s of Holiday Cheer!

Vetri Box
Vetri Box

The acts of holiday entertaining and gift giving are supposed to be sweet, loving gestures for all involved. But doesn’t it seem that far too often we end up stressing ourselves out over throwing the “perfect” party or giving the “perfect” gift?

To help make your life easier, we have put together The 5 C’s of Holiday Cheer: five categories of must-haves to knock the socks off your guests and the foodies on your list.


It all starts with cheese at Di Bruno Bros. And while there are a million ways to assemble a cheese plate, when serving a crowd, we like to focus on cheeses that are familiar but unique.

  • Sapore del Piave: In the vein of sharp, aged Asiago. It has a good bite, but also a bit of fruitiness and sweetness.
  • Comte Marcel Petit: Mild but full-flavored, perfect to wow the connoisseur or encourage the newbie.
  • Prima Donna: A great cheese for the price, which makes it very suitable for serving large parties. Try with the Black Lava Cashews!


Cheese’s favorite (non-alcoholic) partner. We have a panoply of styles, from classic to adventurous, so you can always find what you are looking for.

  • DB Sopressata or Abbruzze Sausage: Nothing like these old standbys to bolster your Italian-themed party.
  • Prosciutto di Parma: A slightly more elegant option, especially the Rotondo Dolce which is soft as silk and always awe-inspiring.
  • Smoking Goose: Handmade, small-batch salamis from Indiana that feature off-the-wall ingredients like Elk, Lamb and Pork Hearts.


Because your cheeses would feel naked without them.

  • DB Crostini: Perfect for dips or cheese spreads, available in eight flavors.
  • DB Flatbreads: No cheese board is complete without them, and perfectly good on their own so there is no need to fear leftovers.
  • Raincoast Crisps: For the casual get together or the elegant cocktail party, with varieties including Rosemary-Raisin-Pecan, Fig-Olive, Salty Date-Almond, and so much more.


The best way to compliment the flavors of your favorite cheeses is with the right condiment. Try to highlight the taste profile of your cheese, or find a way to contrast it.

  • Tishbi Wine Jellies: several amazing varieties, imported from Israel. The Onion Cabernet Jam on Comte is like French Onion Soup in finger-food form.
  • DB Fig Jam: A chameleon: it works with every cheese, meat or anything else you want to throw at it.
  • Truffle Honey: An ideal pairing for hard Italian cheeses, or glazing your holiday roast.


You will find it easy to save room for dessert if these sweets are waiting at the end of your meal.

  • Torrone: Like the original Di Bruno brothers, our Torrone is imported from Abruzzo. Soft, sweet and nutty.
  • Black Lava Cashews: Roasted in toffee and black Hawaiian Sea Salt, this is Gouda’s perfect mate. Also scrumptious on vanilla ice cream.
  • John and Kira’s: Philadelphia-made that are so beautiful you might not want to eat them. But you will be glad you did.

As always, our staff is more than happy to assist you with your holiday needs. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for advice on these or any other item. We have a great passion for what we sell, and are anxious to share these products with you.