COOK – The Recap, Thanksgiving Style

Get ready.Take a peek at some of the amazing food served up by our catering team at COOK  – from the perfect antipasto plate, to our Turkey Braciola, finished up with Panna Cotta Parmigiano lanterns.

Plus, plenty more in between.

What. a. night.  See some serious food pictures below!

The gang!

Emilio Mignucci, third generation owner, along with Chef Lauren, Lily Cope of COOK, and Chef James Liuzza.

First Things First – The Cheese

Antipasto Plate

Fall Frisée Salad

Frisee salad

Fall can be beautiful, and delicious.  Roasted beet and frisee salad, toasted pumpkin seeds, warm goat cheese crostini, truffle Dijon dressing, apple chips to garnish.

The Appetizers

Rosemary and Garlic grilled Shrimp skewers wrapped in Speck – get our recipe here!

Shrimp with speck

Pumpkin gnocchi, sage, butter, and Pecorino Romano – get our recipe here!

Pumpkin Gnocchi Making IMG_4980

The Main Event – Turkey Braciola

Turkey Makin'

Turkey Braciola with Traditional Gravy.  Our catering team has been cooking up this crazy bird for some time now -it’s a Boneless Roulade of Free Range Turkey Breast, Filled with Dark Meat, Turkey Sausage & Herbs, Roasted Slowly to Perfection, Sliced and Served with Giblet Gravy on the Side.  

More details on that or call our catering team at 215.665.1659 to hear all about our holiday packages.

Turkey Braciole

Turkey Braciole

 Bonus recipe!  Learn how to make our Roasted Fall Vegetables in an hour or less.


Parmiagiano Reggiano Dessert


Parmigiano Reggiano Panna Cotta “Lantern” with Amerena Cherry Sorbet

Parmigiano Lantern

In the mood for all of this?  Reach out to our catering team so we can hook up your holiday, the Di Bruno way.  Give us a call at 215.665.1659 or visit us at or take a look at our Holiday Menu for more drool worthy images and details.

Maybe we’ll see you at the next class, eh!?  We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted when we’re back at the COOK kitchen.