Our Five Favorite Truffled Products

c_truffletremor_0090610by Catherine Laborde:

Working for Di Bruno Bros. has many advantages; delicious products at my fingertips, a wealth of culinary knowledge I never thought I needed to know (but now realize how empty my life was before knowing), and the chance to meet the purveyors of wonderful creations.

One of the best perks to my job? My store walk-throughs with Third Generation Owner Emilio Mignucci.

This week, we focused on Truffles. Emilio has this amazing way of waxing poetically about every product that he picks up. His excitement is contagious and after we wrap up our meetings I always want to run home and put his tricks of the trade to use.

The winter truffle harvest yields the most prized truffles, so let’s celebrate with some of our favorite truffle products.

Truffle Tremor


Created by Mary Keehn, cheesemaker of Cypress Grove to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Humboldt Fog. One of our most popular cheeses, Truffle Tremor is a smaller wheel of Humboldt Fog studded with Italian black truffles. Truffle Tremor is aged from the outside in, which showcases the complexity of the truffle beautifully.

This simple, refined and decadent cheese is a great addition to any cheese board, but serves well on it’s own paired with some bubbly.

White Truffle Honey 


This is one of those products that is always flying off the shelf. Part of our Private Collection, this liquid gold is produced exclusively for Di Bruno Bros. Perfect for braising meat and drizzling over cheese.

Tip from Emilio: If you have some cheese that is getting a bit too dry, drizzle this honey on top. The honey cuts through the dryness and gives that hunk of cheese a second chance. Pairs wonderfully with Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

Black Truffle Cream and White Truffle Cream 


dbblacktrufflecream_1Also from our Private Collection, these creams are produced from the Piedmont region of Italy. A simple spoonful or two adds a distinctive oaky flavor to cream base sauces, mac and cheese, risotto or polenta. Also a great topping for canapés and crostini.

White Truffle Oil 


White truffles, once called “the diamond of the kitchen” by French gastronome Brillat-Savarin, add an earthy flavor profile to this extra virgin olive oil. This oil is a perfect finishing touch to proteins and pasta, or as a decadent dipping oil for your favorite crunchy bread.  A quick drizzle will leave a wonderfully lingering truffle taste on your palette.