October Core Values Champion!

corevalueHere at Di Bruno Bros. we work and live by our Core Values.  Every month we pay tribute to a member of our Di Bruno family and celebrate someone who has shown off our values in an exemplary way.

Through nominations narrowed down by Senior Management, and hand-selected by our company President, we celebrate a team member each month.

Our Core Value Champion for the Month of September is Jessica Sorcek!

  • Position: Assistant Store Team Leader at Comcast
  • Nominated by: Catherine Gonzalez
  • Core Value that Jessica best exemplifies:  Jessica really “gets” business stewardships.  She looks out for the best interest of the Company no matter what she is doing.


Jessica is always proactive in approaching her job. Instead of waiting for someone to ask her for something, she anticipates needs and makes sure she has the tools that she needs to get the job done.


How long have you been with Di Bruno Bros.?  I’ve been working for DBB for 4 months.

What is your favorite thing about working with Di Bruno Bros.? My favorite thing about working with Di Bruno Brothers would have to be the teamwork.  We have a lot of resources to use throughout the company and everyone is always more than willing to help!

When you’re not busy overseeing our Comcast location what do you spend your time doing?  I have a passion of traveling!

Favorite cheese/cheese pairing/Di Bruno Bros snack you just can’t live without? My recent favorite cheese is the Maxx 365.

Congratulations, Jessica!