Go Beyond Smoked Gouda


At Di Brunos we carry a wide array of aged Goudas at a dozen different ages and flavor profiles…but the one we just can’t deny is this popular little fellow right here.

If you just love this perfect melting cheese but are looking to branch out, go beyond the Gouda family and try something new that will give you that smokey flavor and texture that you love.

Here’s a few of the non-goudas that we go-to.


c_idiazabal_090310A great place to start branching out for both Manchego and Smoked Gouda fans.

This classic smoked sheep’s milk cheese has the flavor and smooth texture you might be looking for but with a buttery sheep’s milk tang.

Idiazabal isn’t quite as smokey when your tasting it straight out of our cheese case but much like smoked Gouda, it can really come alive when melted.  Perfect with a little bit of jamon serrano & quince paste but just as at home in any sandwich where you might otherwise use smoked Gouda.

One of my personal favorite cheeses to give an extra little savory something to empanadas.

Fiore Sardo

c_fioresardo_92710Subtle in terms of smoke but packed with an all around big flavor, Fiore Sardo is a Sardinian Pecorino (sheep cheese) smoked over balsa wood.

A cheese that would look as familiar to someone living in ancient Rome as well as modern Philly, and a favorite of just about every cheese monger.

If you’re looking to emphasize the smokey flavor of this complex cheese, grate or shred it over your favorite dish in lieu of a Grana style or Locatelli.

Reading Raclette

reding_raclette_low_resJust because a cheese isn’t smoked doesn’t mean it can’t taste a little smokey. The washed rind cheeses (also known as the stinky cheeses) often have meaty, barbeque-y and yes, smokey flavors to them.This is definitely the case for the excellent Reading Raclette.

Another fantastic melter with the sweet cream notes you’ll find in the Gouda but with even greater depth.

Besides the excellent flavor, who wouldn’t leave their comfort zone for the sake of charity?

Beyond these three, check in any of our shops to see if we have the excellent Fumaison, Rogue Smokey Blue, or any of the hundreds of other savory and smokey cheeses we keep in stock.

See you there!