Top 5 Fantastic Features of The Franklin Market

On Friday the 18th, we unlocked the doors to our new location at The Frankin, 834 Chestnut Street.  Though it was a soft opening (Grand Opening festivities scheduled for Monday the 21st), it is easy to see what are the five coolest features of our shiny new store.

Here’s a countdown of our Top 5 favorite things at The Franklin Market, from gadgets, to pairings, to the most important part of all… our customers.

5.  The Turbochef


Sure, on first appearances this seems to be a cumbersome hunk of metal.  But this technological marvel has a knack for converting your sandwich into crispy-melty goodness.  In less than ninety seconds, it simultaneously toasts the bread and heats all other elements to ideal conditions.  Jerry is already a master with it.

 4.  The Prepared Foods Case

Custom Case

Check out this beauty.  Owing to an atypical floor plan, we were unable to fit any standard refrigeration units into our prepared foods/charcuterie area.  This custom piece wraps neatly around the contours of the space, allowing sufficient space for customers and employees, all while looking sleek and chic.

 3.  The Aesthetics 


Our goal with the interior design was to merge the grandeur of the historic Ben Franklin House with the old world charm of our original Italian Market location.  Customers have been raving about the tiled floor, the tin ceiling and the pendant lighting.  Not to mention photography by Jason Varney mounted on the walls.

2.  The Samples (and the people sampling them)


Numerous demo stations dot the landscape, offering samples of cheese, cured meats, chocolates and so much more.  Here, Ian, one of many friendly and knowledgeable employees, samples Weybridge with Rare Bird Passion Fruit Curd.  Hungry yet?

1.  The Customers


We were truly humbled by the steady wave of customers who visited on Friday and offered well-wishes and shared their sincere enthusiasm for our presence in Washington Square West.  We are honored to be a part of this community, and look forward to seeing everyone soon!