Cheese Needs to Breathe – Enter, Fromagex

An impressive trio

! IT-1116P, FR-3011

Cheese is a living, breathing thing.  Letting your cheese “breathe” maximizes both its flavor and shelf life.

Meet Fromagex, a double layered wax-style cheese wrap crafted by the leaders in cheese making equipment. Fromagex is how we ensure all soft cheeses shipped nationally arrive at your doorstep in top condition.  

How Fromagex wrap works:

By following the natural lines of the cheese with this breathable wax paper, we’re allowing the cheese to release moisture and stay fresher, longer.

Why we chose them:

With cheese making and care as their main priority, Fromagex staffs cheesemongers on the front lines and produces the best equipment and materials out there. Their team shares a similar believe to ours…it’s all about protecting the integrity of the cheese.

When we’re using Fromagex:

Select soft cheeses, including gorgeous pieces like a white wine and thyme scented Selles Sur Cher or  a veiny Gorgonzola Piccante, are all hand-wrapped by our team members. Look for Fromagex wrapped cheeses on the majority of our soft cheeses sold online and denoted in the product information section for each.

Behind the scenes.  Action shots!

Each and every cheese wrapped in Fromagex is done so by hand, and with a whole lot of cheese love.  Shout out to our monger Matt S. for doing the French Pleat proud here.



The stars of our photoshoot are two soft cheeses, each with a unique shape to show off Fromagex’s ability to embrace their natural lines.


Selles sur cher

A classic French Loire Valley goat cheese. The French Loire is known for their white wines, so pair with a Cheverny for a French Loire kinda night.


Gorgonzola Piccante

A firmer cheese that’s slightly sharper than it’s counterpart, gorgonzola dolce, the piccante is a younger cow’s milk cheese. Pair with the white truffle honey, or fig and acacia honey for a taste of both savory and sweet.