Core Values Champion – August 2013


Here at Di Bruno Bros. we work and live by our Core Values.  Every month we pay tribute to a member of our Di Bruno family and celebrate someone who has shown off our values in an exemplary way.

Through nominations narrowed down by Senior Management, and hand-selected
by our company President, we celebrate a team member each month.

Our Core Value Champion for the Month of August is Tom Cannizzaro! 

  • Position: Cash Office Supervisor at Rittenhouse
  • Nominated by: Rocco Rainone, 9th Street
  • Core Value that Tom best exemplifies: Company Stewardship

“How can you pick just one? Tom certainly exceeds expectations and is a tireless leader. But the Core Value that Tom best exemplifies is Company Stewardship.” – Rocco Rainone


Tom was invested 100% in the set-up and training of 9th Street’s new cash office procedures. Tom put in hours upon hours of work to ensure that the cash office was set up and that training was completed and everyone was comfortable with the new system. In fact, Tom continues to be a resource when we encounter an unforeseen problem.

Tom is a shining example for everyone in the Di Bruno Bros. family. He took on a new responsibility and flourished by using his problem solving skills and endless patience to become a major part of the successful start to an exciting new era for the company’s oldest store.


How long have you been with Di Bruno Bros.? 1 year

What is your favorite thing about working with Di Bruno Bros.? My co-workers

When you’re not busy overseeing the Rittenhouse Cash Office what do you spend your time doing? Reading, cooking (my passion) and seeing film.

Favorite cheese/cheese pairing/Di Bruno Bros snack you just can’t live without? Sharp, sharp provolone!! Dirty Salt & Vinegar Chips

Congratulations, Tom!