Introducing Di Bruno’s Re-vamped Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Sign

If you found yourself on the corner of 18th and Chestnut sometime between 9pm and 6am last week, you may have noticed some construction occurring within the coffee bar area of our Rittenhouse location. Indeed, a major renovation is taking place, affecting not only the physical layout, but the menu.

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Counter Culture, a company at the forefront of America’s renewed interest in truly exceptional coffee. We were astounded by what Counter Culture does to guarantee quality, and are proud to offer our customers a coffee that meets the following criteria:

It’s all about Freshness

Counter Culture purchases their beans directly from the farmer. In fact, each of their beans is Direct Trade Certified, which guarantees that fair prices are paid and the beans arrive in North Carolina as soon after harvest as possible.

The beans are selected based on seasonality and picked when perfectly ripe. The bean’s flavor profile changes with the season, and Counter Culture adjusts the roasting temperature and time to highlight these nuances.

Counter Culture does not roast the beans until we place an order. The beans are then roasted, packaged and shipped in one day, which gives the customer the maximum amount of time to consume it in peak condition.

Coffee Bar 2

But it is also about the Training

Counter Culture has a training facility at 22nd and Catherine, and insisted that each of our baristas go through two intensive rounds of training (11 hours in total) before we start brewing their coffee. Our staff was instructed how to grind, roast and serve each of the items on our menu. They were also educated on the vernacular of coffee: how to appreciate, understand and describe coffee. Our baristas returned from their training sessions with great enthusiasm, anxious to share what they had learned with customers and coworkers.

Coffee Bar 3

Private Label Bags

In addition to roasting the coffee for our coffee bar, Counter Culture is now roasting our Private Label bags. Our four SKUs will be on the shelves next to local favorites such as ReAnimator, Rival Bros., La Colombe and One Village. Our team of tasters sampled our new roasts and agreed on the following descriptions: