United States of Cheese Plates Giveaway


This month, we’re on a mission to give away copies of our new book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, to 48 cheese lovers around the United States. We’re calling it the “United States of Cheese Plates Giveaway.”

To enter, all you have to do is create a cheese plate that represents your state – using local ingredients. Check out our entry guidelines below. If you win, you’ll receive a signed copy of our new book!

To enter your state cheese plate in our giveaway:

  1. Create and photograph a cheese plate/board that you think represents your state.
  2. Please use products made in your state – you can usually find local cheeses at your farmers’ market or local cheese counter.
  3. Your cheese plate can be as wild or as simple as you like. It can include local beers/wines or a homemade jam. Or, you might use locally prepared items…pretzels, popcorn, boiled peanuts from your fave roadside stand. Sky’s the limit: you can create a recipe, or simply assemble your best snack plate.
  4. Email a photo* of your cheese plate, plus a description of the items on it (a paragraph or so will do), to me, Madame Fromage, on or by July 31, 2013 at this address: mad4fromage@gmail.com
  5. Make sure to include your name and mailing address!

Photographs from our winners will be showcased this fall.

Tips to get started: Visit a local farmers’ market for ideas. Ask about local cheeses at the cheese counter where you shop. To develop a pairing, visit a roadside produce stand, look to your garden, investigate local honey, consider indigenous ingredients (fruit, nuts, herbs, grains) or iconic prepared foods (Alligator jerky? Sorghum syrup?). Imagine: If a gaggle of cheese freaks were to visit your state, what would you serve them?

Tips for photography: Try to shoot a photo of your cheese board in natural light. You can use your camera phone, no biggie. If you want to be in your photo or have your friends’n fam in the photo, awesome!

For more inspiration, visit Madame Fromage.