Grilled Raclette with a Barbeclette!

Reading Raclette

by Amanda Bernhardt.

Spring is upon us- and while the days are warmer, the birds are chirping, and the air is riddled with a sweet, floral musk- gone are the glory days. I am speaking, of course, of the melty, molten goodness of winter. Rich, beefy Alpines, fondues, au gratins, macaroni and cheese, the list goes on.

But fret not, gooey cheese lover! Enter the barbeclette: a fantastic melting device from the Dutch cheese tool manufacturers Boska. The barbeclette is a simple, yet brilliant tool that allows you to melt your favorite cheeses atop the grill during the summer months. Simply cut your favorite melter into thin slices, place in your barbeclette, and let your charcoal do all the work. 

Reading Raclette Barbeclette

On a brisk Spring evening I brought home Reading Raclette, a raw cow’s milk stunner from central Vermont made by Spring Brook Farm. This grassy, beefy treasure is based off of its French namesake and is simply made for melting.

After warming my barbeclette over the grill, I melted batches of cheese and laid the molten goodness atop crusty bread and Asparagus. I lucked out and a friend brought home fresh spears from his mother’s garden in Lancaster. The meatiness of this raclette atop crisp, sweet steamed Asparagus was simply delectable. I also included a small smear of Dijon onto the small bits of bread that were unfortunate to miss a dousing of liquid gold, and found the combination also intoxicating. Add a pint of your favorite IPA, and have at it! In the dog days of summer, I plan on using this guy to top my burgers and grilled vegetables. Who says melty cheese is strictly winter appropriate?!

Reading Racletter Cheese with Veggies