Cheese Musings

By Bill Bowles, Cheese Specialist at Di Bruno Bros. Ardmore Farmer’s Market

Cheesemonger Bill Bowles - Di Bruno Bros. ArdmoreMy first week working for Di Bruno Bros in Ardmore Farmer’s Market was an incredible experience. Prior to Di Bruno’s, I had already been working in the specialty cheese industry for quite some time, but it had been a while since I worked alongside such intense, friendly, passionate and knowledgeable cheesemongers. They exude professionalism in the highest way, always putting our guests’ needs first. It is just simply amazing to work next to such masters of their craft.

The Di Bruno Bros. cheesemongers present cheeses from all around the world; offering samples and explaining each product thoroughly. They guide our visitors through the type of milk (cow, sheep, goat and buffalo), style of the cheese, country of origin and sometimes an accompanying story to pique the interest of our guests and enhance their experience even more.

Sometimes just the awe-inspiring look on people’s faces tells it all…satisfaction beyond expectation! It’s the credo and mantra of the company; and our cheesemongers take great pride in their work.

I have tasted, sampled and sold many cheeses. Some were new to me, some were classics and some were obscure. Examples are as follows:

  • Leonora — a chalky white, double textured, Spanish goat’s milk cheese that has a nice, slightly lemony and peppery finish was a tasty delight. 

Leonora - Spanish Goat's Milk Cheese

  • Lagioule — a classic, raw cow’s milk cheese from France with a rich, creamy and nutty flavor and a semi-hard cheddar like consistency. A perfect fit for a cheese plate!


Laguiole Cheese


  • Paski Sir — an aged, raw sheep’s milk cheese from Croatia. Yes…Croatia. I didn’t even know Croatia exported cheese! This was an intensely flavorful hard, salty and earthy cheese. Ardmore Cheesemonger Dan Black describes its aftertaste to toasted pumpkin seeds.Paski Sir - Croatian Cheese


We also feature signature cheeses that we rub and age ourselves. Stop by and taste the Di Bruno Bros cheese experience at any one of our retail stores. Don’t ever be shy—always ask for samples and get to know the cheeses better. You’ll be glad you did.