9th Street Italian Market Gourmet Coffee Program September Offerings

Saturday Morning Breakfast Club, Coffee & Cheese Pairing at Di Bruno Bros. Italian Market

Gourmet coffee lovers in Philadelphia have made Di Bruno Bros. in the Italian Market their source for buying gourmet coffee in Philadelphia. Ever since we announced the gourmet coffee program at 9th Street in June, it’s gone off like gangbusters! We have coffee that you can’t get ANYWHERE else in Philadelphia and it’s flying off the shelves.

Not only are sales brisk; ensuring we’ll continue carrying these great gourmet coffee roasters in Philadelphia, but we introduced fun gatherings at the store we like to call the “Saturday Morning Breakfast Club” (see picture). These casual Saturday morning events are all about introducing you to the coffee, offer coffee brewing tips as well as pair the coffees up with select gourmet cheeses. Cheese isn’t just for wine and beer anymore!

Here’s the coffee roaster schedule for the upcoming events:

  • 9/15 – Stumptown
  • 9/22 – Intelligentsia
  • 9/29 – ReAnimator
  • 10/6 – La Colombe
  • 10/13 – Rojo’s Roastery

Last month was a HUGE month for us and for gourmet coffee lovers in Philadelphia. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information about future coffee and cheese pairings. In the meantime, scope out September’s gourmet coffee offerings…

Stumptown – Portland, OR/NY, NY

Montes De Oro (Direct Trade, Organic)
Region: Costa Rica
Flavor: Honey and caramel with tart flavors of cherry, chocolate, apple, fig and vanilla

Ethiopia Mordecofe (Direct Trade)
Region: East Africa
Flavor: Mint chip ice cream, brown sugar, apple, ginger, fig and Assam tea

Hair Bender Blend
Region: Every major coffee producing region
Flavor: milk chocolate, caramel, jasmine, meyer lemon, apricot and pineapple

Gimme! Coffee – Ithaca, NY

Capuca (Single Origin)
Region: Honduras
Aroma: caramel and toffee in rich cocoa
Flavor: mandarin orange in clover honey, molasses and malt, cherry cola

Piccolo Mondo
Region:Latin America
Aroma: bittersweet chocolate, rich caramel
Flavor: brown sugar, walnut, meyer lemon, sweet florals, mild bitters

Chajulense (Single Origin)
Region:  Guatemala
Aroma: soft florals, light vanilla, citrus
Flavor: red apple, plum, fruit tea, rose petals

Intelligentsia – Chicago, IL

Black Cat Project – Sugar Glider Espresso
Region: Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya
Flavor: guava, peach, pineapple, mango, kiwi mandarin orange, lemongrass

El Diablo (Dark Roast)
Region: Latina America, East Africa
Flavor: dark baker’s chocolate, caramelized
sweetness, molasses and malted barley

Doyo Ethiopia
(Direct Trade)
Region: Mana, Ethiopia
Flavor: Watermelon, mango, honeydew lemongrass, red berries

Counter Culture – Raleigh, NC

Farmhouse Blend
Region: currently, Guatemala
NOTE: Farmhouse is based on the idea that coffee, like all food, is best enjoyed when it is at its freshest and in season. Here’s how farmhouse works: throughout the year, as coffees come and go according to the seasons, it is roasted to underscore their intrinsic deliciousness.

Toscano Espresso
Region: Brazil, Mexico
Flavor: in the caffe dolce tradition of Central Italy sweet, mild, with notes of caramel, hazelnut,
and dark chocolate

La Finca Armenia (Direct Trade)
Region: Guatemala
Flavor: green apple, grape, almond, crisp acidity, juicy body

La Frontera Decaf (Direct Trade)
Region: Peru
Flavor: sweet chocolate, intense aromatics

Doma – Post Falls, ID

The Chronic
Region: Central, South America
Flavor: cocoa, walnut, cedar, plum

Chronic SuperDank
Region: Central, South America
Flavor: cocoa, plum, flowers,

La Bicicletta (1lb bag)
Region: Africa, Indonesia
Flavor: dark chocolate, earth, spice, toasted nuts

Novo – Denver, CO

Espresso Novo
Region: Ethiopia, Panama, Colombia
Flavor: nutty, caramel, blueberry, banana

Colombian San Sebastian (Single Origin)
Region: South America
Flavor: molasses, dried cherry, walnut and malt

Cuvee’ – Austin, TX

Dead Fingers
Region: Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala
Flavor: dark, chocolaty, tangy with a hint of sweetness and orange
Note: Custom blend for local Austin coffee shop, Once Over. We are the only retailer in the states to have the privilege of carrying this blend.

Region: Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala
Flavor: Sweet red fruit, malted chocolate, spicy zinfandel

Las Mingas – Huila (Relationship)
Region: Colombia
Flavor: milk chocolate, lavender, brown sugar, whiskey, pear

Fazendo Patano (Yellow Bourbon)
Region: Brazil
Flavor: malt chocolate body leads into roasted hazelnut, maple and cedar wrapped in a creamy soft acidity.

Rival Bros. – Philadelphia, PA

Region: Latin America, Indonesia, Africa
Flavor: rich chocolate, spicy finish

Whistle & Cuss
Region: Latin America, Indonesia, Africa
Flavor: sweet, toasted hazelnut, berry finish

Finca La Bolsa (Single Origin)
Region: Guatemala
Flavor: milk chocolate, brown sugar, caramel finish

La Colombe – Philadelphia, PA

Region: South America, Central America
Flavor: bold, rich chocolate, full finish

Gatare (Single Origin)
Region: Rwanda, Africa
Flavor: sweet maple, citrus, nuts, berries

Haitian Blue Forest (Single Origin)
Region: Haiti
Flavor: sweet, fragrant, floral, dried fruit and spice

ReAnimator – Philadelphia, PA

Honduras (Single Origin)
Region: Central America
Aroma: raisin, almond, maple syrup
Flavor: grape, dark cherry, bittersweet chocolate, slightly nutty

Yirgacheffe (Single Origin)
Region: East Africa
Aroma: jasmine, black tea, flowers
Flavor: peach, apricot, citrus, cocoa

Region: South America. Africa
Aroma: caramel, toffee, hint of berries
Flavor: sweet, sugared apricots

Di Bruno Bros. – Philadelphia, PA

Our Special Family Blend
Region: South America
Flavor: vivid flavors of roasted walnut, sweet vanilla and nutmeg

Columbia Don Telmo Reserve
Region: Colombia
Flavor: cocoa, blackberry and wheat toast

Rittenhouse French Roast
Region: Indonesia, Central America
Flavor: bold, smoky notes of caramel, dark chocolate and plum