Summer Wine and Cheese Pair: Carre du Berry and Rodney Strong Pinot Noir

Summer Wine and Cheese Pairing: Carre du Berry & Rodney Strong Pinot Noir

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We all know that wine and cheese go together like a horse and carriage, so we’re thrilled to bring you wine and cheese pairings every Tuesday. The first is a perfect summer wine and cheese pairing courtesy of Bob Trimble, AKA The Wine Guy.

Bob recommends pairing Carre du Berry, a flavorful herb-coated chevre from France, with a fruity, hint of spice Pinot Noir by Rodney Strong Vineyards from the Russian River Valley in California.

The medium body of this Pinot Noir is a good match for the Carre du Berry. It’s lighter red in color than other Pinot Noir’s and it imparts an intriguing floral and cherry/pomegrante aroma; the taste of toasty vanilla and the slightest hint of spice create a subtle complexity that isn’t overwhelming to the palate.  It holds up to Carre du Berry’s spicy and herby outside, creamy chevre inside.

We recommend serving the Carre du Berry on crostini crackers, flatbreads, or crusty bread as a snack or appetizer.

If you love rich, creamy chevres, you’ll love this French goat cheese.

Thanks to the The Wine Guy for this great wine and cheese pairing recommendation. Stay tuned to our blog next Tuesday as we reveal another wine and cheese pair suggestion.