Introducing 9th Street’s Gourmet Coffee Program – June Offerings

Why? Because you deserve it!

Note: All bags are 12oz unless otherwise noted!

Stumptown – Portland, OR / NY,NY

Bolivia Buenavista (Direct Trade, Organic)
Region: Latin America
Flavor: Muscat grape and macadamia caramel and milk chocolate

Indonesia Gajah Aceh
Region: Indonesia
Aroma: blackberry compote and tamarind
Flavor: plum, blackberry, toffee and earth, finishing sweetly with buttery caramel

Holler Mountain Blend
Region: Latin America & Indonesia
Flavor: syrupy, heavy bodied coffee with dark toned notes of blackberry, hazelnut and toffee

Gimme! Coffee – Ithaca, NY

Brazil Santo Andre
Region: South America
Aroma: caramel and toffee in rich cocoa
Flavor: mandarin orange in clover honey, molasses and malt, cherry cola

Piccolo Mondo
Region: Latin America
Aroma: bittersweet chocolate, rich caramel
Flavor: brown sugar, walnut, meyer lemon, sweet florals, mild bitters

Java Kayumas
Region:  Indonesia
Aroma: fresh butter, caramel, and honey
Flavor: sweet and smoky molasses, malt, candied walnuts, clove 

Intelligentsia – Chicago, IL

Black Cat Analog Espresso
Region: Brazil, South America
Flavor:  Full-bodied and well-rounded, consistently sweet and chocolaty espressos that are a integrate perfectly with milk

El Diablo (Dark Roast)
Region: Latina America, East Africa
Flavor: dark baker’s chocolate, caramelized sweetness, molasses and malted barley

Intelligentsia House Blend (Direct Trade)
Region: Central, South America
Flavor: Cocoa, caramel, sweet citrus, milk chocolate and toffee

Counter Culture – Raleigh, NC

Farmhouse Blend
Region: currently, Guatemala
NOTE: Farmhouse is based on the idea that coffee, like all food, is best enjoyed when it is at its freshest and in season. Here’s how farmhouse works: throughout the year, as coffees come and go according to the seasons, it is roasted to underscore their intrinsic deliciousness.

Toscano Espresso
Region:  Brazil, Mexico
Flavor: in the caffe dolce tradition of Central Italy sweet, mild, with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and dark chocolate

La Finca Armenia (Direct Trade)
Region:  Guatemala
Flavor: green apple, grape, almond crisp acidity, juicy body

La Frontera Decaf (Direct Trade)
Region: Peru
Flavor: sweet chocolate, intense aromatics

Doma – Post Falls, ID

Vito’s Espresso
Region: Latin America
Flavor: caramel, cedar, bittersweet chocolate

Colombia Organic
Region: South America
Flavor:Cocoa, plum, flowers

La Bicicletta (1lb bag)
Region: Africa, Indonesia
Flavor: dark chocolate, earth, spice, toasted nuts

Novo – Denver, CO

Espresso Novo
Region: Ethiopia, Panama, Colombia
Flavor: Full body, medium acidity, nutty, caramel, blueberry, and banana

Colombian San Sebastian (Single Origin)
Region: South America
Flavor: Medium body, molasses, dried cherry, walnut and malt

Amaro Washed
Region: Ethiopia, Africa
Flavor: silky mouthfeel with sun-dried tomato, caramel, citrus finish. 

Cuvee’ – Austin, TX

Dead Fingers
Region: Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala
Flavor: dark, chocolatey, tangy with a hint of sweetness and orange
Note:  Custom blend for local Austin coffee shop, Once Over. We are the only retailer in the states to have the privilege of carrying this blend.

Region: Brazil, El Salvador
Flavor: Big body with a kiss of roasted almond, dried fruit and molasses

Fazendo Patano (Yellow Bourbon)
Region: Brazil
Flavors: malt chocolate body leads into roasted hazelnut, maple and cedar wrapped in a creamy soft acidity.

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Characteristics of Coffee Flavor