Rogue River Blue

If you find yourself heading to a swish party without a holiday sweater, you can always make up for it with a wedge of Rogue River Blue. It’s the elusive wedge everyone’s been looking for since it won the coveted “Best of Show” award from the American Cheese Society last year. Now it’s in season, just in time to nuzzle pears and sidle up to your most intoxicating eau de vie.

The Healing Powers of Piacentinu

Remember this: birds migrate in the fall, and so do great cheeses. The holiday season draws rare imports, and you can count on cheese shop shelves to be bountiful and bright. If you’re a caseophile, now is a great time to look to the sky and ask yourself, “What amazing cheese is in store for me tonight?”

Glamorgan “Sausages” with Gorwydd Caerphilly

Recently I was doing some research on Gorwydd Caerphilly and found this recipe for a vegetarian “sausage” from Wales. I had to try it out, especially because I had never cooked with Gorwydd before and was intrigued by the prospect.  The first Glamorgan Sausage recipes are from 1863, though this hearty vegetarian sausage received renewed popularity during World War II

Boyfriend’s Spicy Cheese Plate

Dear Pepper Jack Lovers, let me bend your ear. I know that you get the fever this time of year – when the Crock-Pot comes out, you want your game-day dairy hotness. I’m only going to tell you this once: there are 3 spicy condiments that you can pair with sharp cheese, and they’re way better than pepperjack. Yeah, go ahead and breathe. It’s hard to hear.

Cabot Clothbound Apple Pie

Fall brings a bounty of fantastic seasonal fruits and vegetables that I crave the second the temperature drops. I love cooking this time of year: the bold spices, rich flavors, and hearty dishes you're automatically entitled to eat the moment it drops below fifty- five degrees. One recipe that's ingrained into my memory is my grandmother's apple pie.

A Spotlight on Rojo’s Roastery and David Waldman

When David Waldman comes to town he will bring with him some seriously good coffee. He will also bring his forty plus years of experience and a coffee IQ which is unmatched by anyone in this region. David Waldman is Head Roaster and owner of Rojo’s Roastery in Lambertville, NJ and it was my privilege to visit the roastery a few weeks ago for a cupping.

Cheese Musings

My first week working for Di Bruno Bros in Ardmore Farmer’s Market was an incredible experience. Prior to Di Bruno's, I had already been working in the specialty cheese industry for quite some time, but it had been a while since I worked alongside such intense, friendly, passionate and knowledgeable cheesemongers. They exude professionalism in the highest way, always putting our guests' needs first. It is just simply amazing to work next to such masters of their craft.

The Ninth Street Makeover

When I first heard that Di Bruno Bros. on 9th Street was undergoing a rehab, I experienced a shockwave of panic. As anyone who shops at the family’s original store in the Italian Market knows, this 765-square-foot cheese shop is “cozy” – a dairy warren with cured meat stalactites.

Scharfe Maxx 365: Swiss Stunner

Let’s be blunt: I love this cheese! It has seriously become my favorite. As a cheesemonger, I know I'm not supposed to pick one. But out of the several hundred cheeses I’ve tried in my tenure at Di Bruno Bros., Scharfe Maxx 365 is the perfect cheese in my opinion