Baked Feta with Dates and Honey

In winter, feta becomes an orphan, a forgotten cheese. Unless you’re basking in the Greek Isles surrounded by plump tomatoes and cukes, you skip over feta in favor of triple crèmes, butterscotchy Goudas, balsa wood boxes of Epoisses. Am I right?

Blue de Basque Cheese

Blue de Basque

So it’s that time of year again, That special time where the leaves turn orange, and yellow, the nights come sooner than usual and the weather turns brisk and chilly. While others argue that Fall means the end of tanning on the beach, shorts and outdoor activities, I see fall as a perfect excuse to cuddle up with a loved one under a blanket and enjoy those wonderful beers that the heat of summer may not have allowed.

Getting “In Tents” with Comte

Fall is the season for bold and hearty flavors, rich and soul satisfying food, and my favorite activity… camping. Ninth Street linguistics expert Mark Bomalaski and I set off for roughneck adventure along the Pine Creek in northwest Pennsylvania, hiking and fishing for three days and two nights. Between the two of us, we have a collective year of experience sleeping under the stars, not bad for city kids.

Carles Roquefort Meatloaf

How to Rock Roquefort (Meatloaf)

As we enter the season of decadence, I can’t help but crave Roquefort. It’s as luxurious as fur, and it pairs well with so many things associated with the winter season: ripe pears, dates, figs, honey, walnuts. After a big meal, this triple-crème sheep’s milk blue becomes the evening’s star, especially when served with a glass of nectar-like Sauternes.