Hot Deals in our stores through June 5th!

paski sir

Di Bruno Bros. is offering some amazing deals this month; so stop by one of our retail locations and grab some goodies while the deals are still hot!

Cool off with some Italian sparkling water:

  • San Benedetto Sparkling Water – small $.99
  • San Banedetto Sparkling Water – large $1.99

Make a delicious top shelf bruschetta:

  • Zia Rossa Cherry Tomatoes – $1.49
  • Campari 15 year aged Vinegar – $39.99 (save $10!)

Enjoy cheeses and pairings:

  • Moliterno, Italian cheese lovingly bathed in olive oil: $14.99/lb
  • Paski Sir, the first cheese imported from Croatia: $24.99/lb
  • Pantaleo, a nutty aged goat cheese from Sardinia: $14.99/lb
  • Rigoni Lemon Organic Fruit Spread $3.99

*cheeses not available at our Comcast Building location

Dress your salads for Spring with Fattoria Estensis imported Vinegars:

  • 6 Year Balsamic – 17 oz / 34 oz – $6.99 / $12.99
  • Red Wine Vinegar – $5.99
  • White Wine Vinegar – $5.99

We look forward to seeing you in our stores!