Smokey Apple Tarts

! BB-9032

! BB-9032

This delicious treat has everything I love twisted up into one gooey warm flakey dumpling. I start by pealing and slicing about 6 sour apples, anything yellow or green usually works best. Then I toss them in a pan full of bacon grease. For this dish I suggest using Benton’s Tennessee smoked bacon. Most Smoked bacons you find in the grocery store have been either injected with smoky flavor or only smoked for about an hour. Benton’s Bacon is nothing but pork, salt and smoked for 48 hours, this is some serious meat.

I soften the apples in the grease and add sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to make the syrup. Meanwhile, make your favorite flakey crust and lay it in a soufflé dish. Fill the soufflé dishes with the apples and some bacon crumbles. Twist up the top with the remaining dough and toss them in a 400 degree oven for about thirty minuets or until the tops have become golden brown and awesome. Turn the oven off, put a dollop of Dolce De Leche on top and let it melt down over while sitting in the cooling oven.

Before serving, pair it with some delicious English cloth bound cheddar. I suggest Montgomery’s Cheddar because of its complex earthiness. I like to break little chunks off and mix it up on the inside. This one will make your knees shake. The combination of salt, smoke, sweet, savory, cheesy and tart will make you forget all about being vegan for the night.



Wow, apples in bacon grease! I never would have thought of that, but it sounds wonderful!


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