The Man Loaf

Man loaf is not so much a meal as it is an intestinal challenge. This behemoth 3lb. meatloaf separates itself from your Mom’s dinner table by substituting some key ingredients, and adding what I call “the bacon blanket” to the top of the loaf.  I start with a base of meat; instead of normal ground

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Smokey Apple Tarts

This delicious treat has everything I love twisted up into one gooey warm flakey dumpling. I start by pealing and slicing about 6 sour apples, anything yellow or green usually works best. Then I toss them in a pan full of bacon grease. For this dish I suggest using Benton’s Tennessee smoked bacon. Most Smoked


Ginepro: Cheese and…gin?

As much as I like beer and wine, I am a cocktail person. I have a thing for fizzes and rickeys. Don’t hold it against me. If I had the choice between a gin’n tonic or a big smiley Cab, I’d go for the gin – there, now I’ve come clean. Can we move on?


Winnimere Will Stop You in your Tracks

Throughout the course of the day, we mongers routinely taste twenty to thirty cheeses. Opening a new wheel? Sample it. Can't recall the subtleties of that obscure cheese from the Italian Alps? Better take a reminder-nibble. Just received a batch of samples from a northwest Pennsylvania farm? You get the idea.


A Cheese Plate for Lovers

Few things are as romantic as sharing a cheese plate. You pour some wine, light some candles, and let the nibbling begin. For Valentine’s Day, a lot of people get hung up on symbolism, but what means more: a box of box of heart-shaped chocolates or a selection of cheeses that have been around for centuries?


Please step away from the Jarlsberg

If you’re anything like me you have a number of things you will always find sitting in your refrigerator: Milk, eggs, your supply of beers (or wines depending on who you are), maybe that plastic container of Chinese you’ve forgotten about. And let’s not forget the most important part…your favorite chunk of cheese.

Goot Essa

Blogging the Farming for the future Conference-Part One:

This year Di Brunos sent me as our ambassador to the 20th annual PASA conference in State College, PA. What is PASA you ask? The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture supports farmers throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, helps put consumers in contact with growers and producers of sustainable, local food and does advocacy work for a safe & sustainable food system in Pennsylvania.