Fall Harvest Report: From Vine-to-Wine

Fall harvest season is one of my favorite times of year. The leaves are changing, and as the cool breeze releases us from the sweaty grip of east coast humidity, we look for ways to participate in the beauty of the season. Some people take leaf gawking drives through the country, or visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches with a hay ride on the side. I, however, luckily remembered that fall harvest season also applies to grapes, and thought our local vineyards and wineries would be buzzing with activity.

Melanie Fortino

Melanie Fortino, Cheese Cave Team Leader

I was a Communications major at IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), then I worked for QVC -- my focus was displays. After that, I went to culinary school. I’ve worked in just about every department here at Di Bruno Bros.

Blue Cheese Four Ways

Blue Cheese, Four Ways

Lots of people proclaim to be blue cheese haters, and this breaks my heart. Why? I can't stand the thought of anyone going to the grave without having eaten a wedge of Stilton or a spoonful of creamy Cashel.

Keens Cheddar

Keen’s Cheddar

October is cheddar weather. It’s a good month for carrying a loaf of crusty bread out onto the rooftop, along with a wedge of cheese, and enjoying a bird’s eye view of the fall trees. A picnic in the air.

Pork Chops

The Bounty of Fall in New England

After a record-breaking summer of heat, I have been chomping at the bit for a breath full of cool, crisp, fragrant autumn air. My husband and I packed a weekend bag and headed into New England for a couples weekend with some long-time, but long-lost friends.

Veal Shank

Time to break out the slow cooker

Here at our Rittenhouse location many of the meat team members look forward to the arrival of fall. As the temperature starts to drop, slow cookers of all kinds start to make their way onto counter tops.

Rich Morillo

Richard-Luis Morillo: Cheese Specialist

Years at Di Bruno Bros.: about 3 Hometown: Bayside, Queens and North Merrick, Long Island His specialty: I deal with a lot of our affinage, especially of the washed rinds. Affinage is essentially cheese care at its highest form. His cheese of the moment: Muffato, a Northern Italian blue coated in mint, chamomile, and marjoram