Pecorino di Pienza

Pecorino di Pienza: The New Cocktail Cheese

I started back to work this week after summer vacation, and believe me when I say: Grrrl needed a martini. That put me in the market for an after-work cheese, something strong enough to stand up to gin. Enter Pecorino di Pienza, a Tuscan sheep’s milk cheese that loves olives, cured meats, and, oh yes, martinis.

Beer and Cheese Recap: Nodding Head

Many thanks to Gordon and Curt from Nodding Head Brewery for bringing three outstanding beers to play with. Of course, they seem to find themselves here every Wednesday night, regardless of brewery, so the only real difference is that they now stood on the other side of the counter. Anyway, onto the pairings.

Customer Testimonial – Annemarie

Thank you so much for all you did to make our event a great success. Andy and Joe were wonderful (no surprise). These guys are not just caterers - they are intelligent, well-spoken and interesting people - and helpful in so many ways above and beyond the call. Example: we were having an audio-visual issue and Andy jumped right in and helped figure it out.

Hunter Fike, Cheesemonger

Hometown: Philly Years at Di Bruno Bros.: 14 Fave cheese of the moment: Anton’s Red Love. It’s a washed-rind, brie-style cheese from Germany, and it’s made by a guy named Anton. He named the cheese after his wife, who is a redhead. Pair it with a Riesling, and you have to spread it on Faragalli’s