Customer Testimonial – Jesse’s Wedding

I am writing to express appreciation for the service that was offered to  my wife and I by members of your catering staff and in particular by Nicole  Shatzel. Our wedding was on July 17th, however, our interaction with  Nicole  began last October when she began helping us plan our event. From the  start Nicole was an exceptional person to work with. She explained everything clearly, helped us plan the menu with honest feedback, and offered many suggestions from which we greatly benefited. In the months approaching the wedding, she was frequently willing to take time from her busy schedule to meet with us and plan details, and she traveled to the event site on multiple occasions to make preparations.

On the actual event day, your staff was spectacular.  The food was outstanding, and our guests are still talking about how much they enjoyed everything that they ate. The service was also of the highest standard…

…your common commitment to exceptional service only adds to the list of wonderful things that I have to say about your company.