Dippin’ Savory (Duck Prosciutto Ice Cream)

When the duck hits the pan, it immediately releases a sour, musty odor that fills the nostrils — and the whole house for that matter.  It sizzles, and you wait for River & Glen’s duck prosciutto to crisp up.  Upon reaching the perfect temperature, the crispy duck is whisked away to a waiting dish and

Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Extra Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve: America’s Best

Here’s the wedge every cheesemonger is talking about: Pleasant Ridge Reserve. Earlier this month, it won “Best in Show” at the American Cheese Society Awards – a.k.a. the Oscars of artisanal cheese. Pleasant Ridge Reserve has taken this top honor not once, but three times. Incroyable. If you want to try the “it” cheese of

Country Ham: Prosciutto of the South

Growing up in the South I was completely surrounded by everything pork, from bacon to bbq. Now that pork is the new BLACK, I feel an urge to share some of my knowledge about the swine, cause I do “dig on pig.”  When most people hear the word “country ham,” the response is usually one

You’re Acting Like a Real Pig! Or, Why Heritage Pork?

The pig is known as the king of the kitchen, or he ought to be if he isn't, but over the years the noble swine has been crossbred into a fast-growing, flavorless bore (no pun intended). Before the high-density feedlot life became standard, pigs used to have regional and varied diets, distinct flavors and fat levels. Now, they are just a ubiquitous pale chop that pales in comparison to its former glory.

Feastival Recap

Last night, Di Bruno Bros was proud to participate in Feastival, a charity event benefiting Philadelphia Live Arts.  While donations, auctions and raffles are still being calculated, it is not too early to conclude that the event was a huge success.  Mayor Nutter and Governor Rendell each auctioned a pair of Phillies playoff tickets in

Arctic Char Male & Female

All the Rage About Arctic Char

New to our Rittenhouse Seafood Pantheon, but not new to the Scandinavian holy trinity (see title), Arctic char is making quite a “splash” with customers. If you like salmon, or trout, or both, definitely check out this fish. Milder than wild salmon, but more flavorful than rainbow trout, this prehistoric-looking anadromous wonder is not only a low-mercury seafood, but an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable one as well.

Customer Testimonial – Jesse’s Wedding

I am writing to express appreciation for the service that was offered to  my wife and I by members of your catering staff and in particular by Nicole  Shatzel. Our wedding was on July 17th, however, our interaction with  Nicole  began last October when she began helping us plan our event. From the  start Nicole

Jai Alai

Beer and Cheese Recap: Cigar City Jai Alai

Last night we tried something a little different for Happy Hour...gotta keep those regulars on their toes! Instead of pairing three cheeses with three beers, we paired three cheeses with one beer. Using Cigar City's Jai Alai, we explored how one style of beer reacts differently to different styles of cheese. Forcing ourselves to think outside the box, we discovered some successful pairings in places we least expected to find them.