Point Reyes Blue: A Cheese for Summer Nights

Point Reyes Blue seems to pair well with warm weather. It’s sweet and fudgy with a crisp, grapey sharpness and just a little peppery tingle on the finish. My friend Tracy says, “It’s like an evening on a catamaran.” She says she can taste the Pacific.

We both agree that PRB goes well on oat cakes – those Scottish biscuits that taste like compressed muesli. Grapes right out of icebox pair perfectly, too. Champagne grapes, or Concords.

Point Reyes Blue is modeled after Roquefort, but it’s less salty, to my mind. It’s foil wrapped and creamy with pronounced blue veining. The Giacomini family takes great pride in making this cheese, using raw milk from a small herd of Holsteins that graze just miles from the Marin County coastline. Their cheese is also Kosher certified.

This is truly one of America’s most exceptional artisanal blues. If you have any PRB left over, shmear it on a burger or crumble it over potato salad. Or just eat it alone on your stoop with a little moonlight and some dessert wine. It makes a good midnight snack and will soon have you dreaming of the ocean.