Announcing Blue Mondays at Chestnut Street

Avenues, all lined with cheese…

We here at Di Bruno bros on Chestnut know that summertime is a time when many of our regular customers will seek out some of the more delicate selections from our case. The hot weather tends to make a cheese lover look for the tangy, brighter flavor of a fresh chevre or Humboldt Fog. This type of behavior can leave some our more powerful cheeses a little lonely, none more so than our biggest blue cheeses. Therefore, Mondays on Chestnut Street we give you a little extra motivation to bring a blue home with our Blue Monday sale. All 19 of the blue cheeses available in the shop are 10% off, giving you a little more motivation to try one of our stronger selections this summer, such as…..

Crater Lake Blue
Crater Lake is a refreshing, tart and slightly acidic blue cheese from the award winning rogue creamery of Central Point, Oregon. Crater lake is a blue with an almost floral sweetness that balances out the peppery blue notes in the finish. Though it’s made within the tangy, crumbly tradition of classic American blues, a well ripened wheel of crater lake can have the smoothness of a Roquefort and goes just as well with Sauternes. Crater Lake also pairs well with summery reds like Temparnillo, though I enjoy it best with a big American IPA like Lagunitas or Bear Republic’s Racer 5.

Blu di Bufala
A Blue cheese of magnificent proportions arrives from Bergamo, Italy squared off and ready to please most any palate. A Bold, slightly salty taste blends into a gaminess rendered cream that coats the tongue in jubilant wonderment. Rare and beautiful, this water buffalo milks cheese is worthy of adorning any cheese plate -David Frey

Roquefort D’Argental
The name Roquefort and the process of crafting it may be more protected than any cheese in the world. This version of the classic cave aged French blue is a stunning example of why maintaining those methods are worth the trouble. This cheese is bright, creamy, spicy, salty and earthy at the same time. I pair Roquefort D’Argental with a tropical fruit like Guava and a fresh and fruity Hefeweizen. Roquefort D’Argental is an experience you will never forget. -Rocco Rainone

This is the world’s last raw milk Stilton, and in many cheese lover’s opinions the World’s Best. It’s made carefully by hand and aged slowly which allows it to become full flavored and sweet without losing it’s gentle and creamy texture. I personally Enjoy Stichelton with everything from fresh figs and nuts to dark beers and chocolate. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. -Daniel Joseph Black

All 10% off this Monday and every Monday for the rest of August at Di Brunos on Chestnut St!