Last Friday Benton’s Country Hams accidentally sent us 5 pound packs of pre-sliced bacon instead of the 1 pound pre-sliced packs we usually receive. Now, we could have sent them back with an expense to the fine folks at Benton’s and a longer drought of their bacon in our shop. Instead, as we like to do at Di Brunos, we rolled with the punches. So first thing Saturday morning we cut open 2 huge packs and stacked ’em at the front of the store to sell loose.

For those of you who don’t know Benton’s, for over thirty years now, Allan Benton has been making bacon and country ham the way he remembered making it with his grandfather when he was little. That means no nitrates, no phosphates, no liquid smoke, water injection and not even a brine solution. No sir, Allan is one of the few in the country who uses a traditional “Country Cure.” Pork belly is dry cured in a rub of salt, sugar, and pepper for a few weeks before being smoked for an unheard of 48 hours! It’s that cure and that smoke that produces a bacon like you’ve never had before (unless you were alive 140 years ago)! Its huge salty, hickory flavor will stay on your tongue for a good half hour and the smokey bacon aroma is like having a campfire in your kitchen. Believe me, it takes a lot to dominate the 70 years worth of cheese aroma in our store but Benton’s bacon did it.

So if you’re not afraid of real big flavor, come down to 9th Street and try TRUE OLD SCHOOL BACON or the Country Ham.