Di Bruno VP of Culinary Pioneering, Emilio Mignucci, to receive 2010 Distinguished Service Award by Italian Trade Commission

June 15, 2010 – Today the Italian Trade Commission announced that they will be presenting their 2010 Distinguished Service Award to a select number of American food importers and retailers as a sign of appreciation by the Italian Government for the work performed over the years that enhanced the image of Italian foods in the United States.

Previously presented in 2009 to professionals operating in the wine industry, this special achievement award was created under the auspices of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development by the Italian Trade Commission. This is the Government of Italy’s primary agency directly involved in the promotion of Italian foods and wines in the United States. The award recognizes the merits of those who have demonstrated a longstanding commitment to advancing the appreciation and sales of Italian foods and the promotion of the modern Italian quality of life.

The 2010 presentation of the Distinguished Service Award to food industry professionals precedes the opening of the Summer International Fancy Food and Confections Show taking place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Where this year an impressive number of over 500 Italian food companies will be in attendance. The Trade Commission believes that this is a most appropriate moment to reflect about those individuals who have been instrumental in making this success possible, and to thank many of them by bestowing upon them this award for Distinguished Service.

Nominations were based on the files and personal experiences of the Italian Trade Commission. Distinguished Service Platinum award certificates and shields are reserved to established business leaders (entrepreneurs). Gold certificates have been bestowed upon people with an outstanding record of having worked in the food industry over time. Distinguished Service Certificates were also presented to select members of the press, educators, and opinion leaders whose writings and services over the years have greatly benefited the image Italian foods. Only a very selected numbers of people had their names introduced in the Distinguished Service Hall of Fame.

In announcing the presentation of the 2010 awards, Aniello Musella, Italian Trade Commissioner and Executive Director for the USA said, “ for a long time now the Italian institutions, and the Trade Commission in particular, wanted to recognize the vision, determination, and hard work of these true American pioneers in the authentic Italian food business. Their inspired initiative led to more people joining the movement and subsequently to more consumers trying and falling in love with the delicious gastronomic specialties produced in Italy”.

Commissioner Musella continued by saying ” many of these business people took the initiative even when Italian food was not as popular as it is today. We are grateful that their work has lived on, in many cases, through the efforts and dedication of their children who have chosen to pick up where their parents left off”.

On June 24th., at a conference at the Italian Trade Commission offices in New York City the names of the 2010 award recipients will be formally announced to the press, and a very special award recognition will be bestowed upon the selected few that were inducted into the Italian Trade Commission Hall of Fame.

A complete list of 2010 Distinguished Service Award recipients, will be available in the days ahead by visiting www.italianmade.com , the Italian Trade Commission website dedicated exclusively to the foods and wines of Italy.

It is important to note that this list represents only a subset of names of people who, over the years, have contributed to the success of sales of authentic Italian food products in the United States and The Italian Trade Commission that thus looks forward to continuing this tradition of periodically recognizing the merits of those who have shown great devotion and appreciation for the products of the country of Italy and for the Italian way of life.