Cheesemonger Invitational

The air is thick with the summer heat and the tension of forthcoming gladiator-like competition. The men and women are selecting their weapons of choice, and sharpening their knives and wits for the challenge that lies ahead. Will they come home to their shops and families crowned with glory…or shame? As the piquant scent of freshly halved wheels of cheese floats by on the summer breeze, the suspense is mounting. “Who will win this crown” I ask. Who will be the King of the Cheesemongers? Those that will witness this sovereign competition of cheese expertise will witness history in the making!

On Saturday June 26th, 2010, in a discreet warehouse in Long Island City, for the first time ever, the Cheesemonger Invitational will take place. Nine of the top cheesemongers representing the finest cheese shops from around the USA will compete in a no-holds barred competition of coddled curds!

In the ring proudly representing Di Bruno Bros. will be Ezekial Ferguson, cheesemonger extraordinaire. Will this man bring home the crown? Place your bets!

This event is a celebration of all things cheese bringing together mongers of every type and their like,” says Adam Moskowitz, the man behind this epic gala. “The people behind the Invitational believe everyone in the supply chain: maker, affineur, exporter, importer, distributor and retailer are all mongers. In fact, the best cheesemongers often perform more than one role in the supply chain. The Cheesemonger Invitational welcomes these taste makers to share their passion and their practices.”

This event is an evening not to be missed; music, beer, DJ’s, cheese sampling, and of course, the Invitational Competition. Here is a summary of the challenges:

1 – So Fly Eye (14 points): Each competitor cuts a quarter, half and 1/3 from same type of partial form in 2 minutes.

2 – Dapper Wrapper(10 points): Wrap 5 odd shaped pieces of cheese in 3 minutes.

3 – Dare to Pair (5 points): Judges will select will select 1 of the butternut beers, day of event, and contestants will pick and plate a cheese that pairs best with the beer selected in 3 minutes.

4 – Sign of the Times (10 points): Make a cheese sign of your paired cheese using the oak tag (18×24) and crayons, like a chalkboard and special of the day, in 5 mintues.

5 – Slate Your Plate (15 points): Each monger must bring to the competition three ¼ lb pieces of cheese and 1 pairing element, and plate them on 4×17 piece of slate, in 5 minutes.

6 – Taste the Paste (25 points): Contestants will eat 5 bite size pieces of cheeses, they must write down milk, style, age, country of origin and name; 5 mintues.

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