Beer and Cheese Recap: Southampton

Last week we welcomed back Bear to represent Southampton beers. They were, as usual, delicious, and we came up with some funky pairings.

Double White with Tumin Rutulin: At first glance, this soft color of this beer might imply a mild taste, but this Southampton original is brewed with oats, coriander and orange peel. Bolder and more exciting than the standard Belgian White, we needed a more herbaceous goat to match it. Tumin Rutulin is a rare, rich, bloomy rinded goat from the Piemonte Alps. It is intensified by rolling it in dried Italian herbs, which melded with the coriander and orange to create an intoxicating pairing.

Keller Pils with Kewswick Creamery Vermeer: Unfiltered, nuanced and gently carbonated, this is as traditional as Pilsner gets. On the lighter side, we paired it with Vermeer, a locally produced cheese that has a full, supple body and sweet, grassy flavors. This pairing proved to be a necessary interlude before the two, big pairings to follow.

India Pale Ale with Three Sisters Serena: Made using a blend of three hops, this IPA is intense up front, with notes of grapefruit and apricot, but sweeter in the finish with caramels and malts coming through. Serena matches this profile perfectly, as it is at once sharp and strong, and at the next minute sweet, fruity and floral.

Altbier with Testun al Barolo: True Altbier is rarely found outside of northern Germany, but this version from New York is true to the original. More malty and savory than fruity, this beer seemed to crave something sweet. Testun al Barolo, which is washed with Barolo wine and has the Nebbiolo grape skins pressed right into the rind, seemed an odd choice to pair with beer. But the fruitiness from the grapes filled in what was missing from the flavor profile of the beer, and they created a sweet, satisfying conclusion to our night.

Join us Wednesday the 23rd as Beau from The Brew Works joins us to sample his craft.