Anthony’s Gelato

by Molly Brakin

The weather has been heating up, which means it’s that time of year again: Summer! I crave ice cream on a daily basis during the sweltering summer months, but I also spend a lot of time in a bathing suit. Unfortunately, these two situations are not complimentary. Luckily, Di Bruno Bro’s has the answer to this problem: Gelato. Specifically, Anthony’s Gelato. It’s a natural fit for Di Bruno’s to serve Anthony’s Gelato, because the cold confections that are made by the company also got their start in the famous 9th Street Italian Market.

Anthony’s is a family-owned business that has served Philadelphia for 75 years, spanning four generations. Their philosophy when making gelato is to “find the finest quality ingredients in the world and craft them into a gelato” that can carry the family’s name. I’ve tasted a wide variety of their flavors, and I’ve got to say- that philosophy holds true. In addition to the standard flavors such as raspberry, mint chocolate chip, and stracciatella, Anthony’s offers a few unique flavors, some of which can be found at Di Bruno Brothers Rittenhouse.

The most recent additions to the gelato selection at Di Bruno’s include chocolate orange, piña colada, cream cheese, and Torrone. The cream cheese gelato tastes like cream cheese icing, and is made even better when it’s paired with the strawberry stracciatella or peaches and cream. The Torrone gelato is an exact imitation of the popular Italian almond nougat. This gelato flavor holds its own- there is no need to pair it with anything else. The gelato flavors rotate pretty frequently, so be sure to stop in often to try all the wonderful flavors.

We are also offering another frozen summer staple at Di Bruno’s- smoothies! All natural fruit smoothies are a great way to start your day, to end your day, or even get you through the day. This fruity refreshment comes in Strawberry Banana, Extreme Peach, Wildberry Blast, Mango Mania, or Strawberry. I encourage you to try all five flavors, because you won’t be let down. Step inside Di Bruno Brother’s this summer and treat yourself to a scoop of gelato or a delicious smoothie and forget all about the sizzling weather outside.