We Now Offer Milk in Liquid Form!

Granted, most of you consider milk a liquid, but we Cheese Mongers have a hard time imaging milk in anything but its most glorious solid state: Cheese. That being said, we certainly don’t mind a frosty cold glass of milk in its original form. So, we set out to find some really tasty, honest, local milk, and we feel we have struck gold.

Our new friends at Trickling Springs Creamery are providing us with the finest, certified organic, grass-fed milk around. Their demands on their product and technique read like a laundry-list of all that is good in the world. Cattle are not treated with antibiotics or rBST, forages are 100% chemical-free, their pasteurization method is one that maximizes flavor and texture, they are certified by the PCO and USDA, and the feed is exclusively grass in the warmer months and hay in Winter.

The benefits of this strict manner of production is good for Mother Earth and for your health. Ripped directly from the website:

Milk from grass-fed cows also has an ideal ratio of essential fatty acids or EFAs. There are two types of fat that are essential for your health and cannot be made in your body—omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids. A growing body of research suggests that a diet with roughly equal amounts of these two fats is ideal. Such a diet is linked with a lower risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, auto immune disorders, allergies, diabetes, obesity, dementia, and various other mental disorders. Whether a cow is on an all-grass diet or a typical grain-based dairy diet greatly influences the fatty acid balance of her milk. The reason is simple: grass has far more omega-3s and fewer omega-6s than grain. If you take away some of the grass and replace it with grain, you greatly alter the EFA ratio of the milk.

And, a particular point of interest for me, personally, and all of my fellows intolerant of lactose, this milk is easy to digest. Apparently, Ultra-Pasteurization, the technique employed by most dairy giants, destroys the enzymes that assist in the digestion of milk. Trickling Spring’s method is gentler and allows those enzymes to survive, making it digestible for us lactose intolerant.

We are currently offering Whole Milk, Non-Fat (which does not taste like milk-flavored water, mind you), Heavy Cream and a rich, luxurious Chocolate Milk that tastes like freshly-melted chocolate ice cream. Each variety is available in glass and plastic. We prefer the taste and appearance of the glass, but as you can imagine it is slightly more expensive due to the packaging. However, you will be given $2, cold hard cash, if you return the empty jug.

This program is currently offered exclusively at Di Bruno Brother’s 9th Street location, but could soon expand to Chestnut. Call for details, or just come in for a sample!