Anthony’s Gelato

Part of the Italian Market for over 70 years. A neighborhood favorite in the Italian Market for its highest quality goods, exceptional customer service and attention to detail. A family-owned business spanning generations. Sound familiar? Well, we shouldn’t be the ONLY folks you’re thinking of…

Anthony’s Gelato, now being served at Di Bruno Brothers, shares many qualities and values with us. The Anastasio family has been a mainstay of the Italian Market for four generations, and is committed to sharing the most authentic Italian products with the public.

In 2001, Anthony’s began by selling gelato made by an Italian company. When the company decided to move back to Rome in 2007, Anthony’s purchased the company, and trained for 1 whole year with the Italian Gelato maker to ensure consistency and the highest quality, most authentic gelato. Now you can find Anthony’s Gelato all around the Philly area.

But let’s get down to it – what makes it so tasty?

Each batch of Anthony’s Gelato is made fresh to order in Chester Country, with only the finest and freshest ingredients: no additives, shelf-life enhancers, or artificial flavors. The gelato and sorbetto are both made using the “hot process” method, which involves cooking a base with either milk, eggs and sugar (for gelato) or fresh fruit, filtered water, and sugar (for sorbetto) and then allowing the base to sit for at least 12 hours to fully develop the flavors before processing. (There’s also a “cold process” which just involves adding a powder to water before processing. As Alton would say, this would NOT be good eats.) The small batches mean the utmost in flavor and texture!

Gelatos and sorbettos may taste indulgent, but gelato actually has much less fat than regular ice cream. Anthony’s Gelato has less than 6% fat, and the Sorbettos have less than 2% fat. However, since both are processed with less than 10% air (called overrun in the biz), the flavor is actually MORE rich and intense than any commercial products. Indulgent, yes; sinful, NO!

Anthony’s Gelato can be found at both our Chestnut Street and Comcast locations. What better way to break up a long, steamy summer afternoon than a sweet, icy treat that won’t kill your beach bod? Both stores carry a wide variety of flavors including Pistachio, Stracciatella, Raspberry, a killer Blood Orange Sorbetto, and my new favorite, Almond Biscotti… really, do you need any more convincing??

Click below for a printable coupon for $1 off a large gelato at Di Bruno’s Comcast!