River & Glenn Duck Prosciutto, Cured to Perfection

by Angelo Colavita

Among the vast array of cured hams in the charcuterie department… Among the salami, the sausages and soppressatti… Beyond the realm of confit, rillette and foie gras, lies the tender, savory, totally organic and locally-produced Cured Duck Breast (or “duck prosciutto”) from the Warminster-based artisans at River & Glen.

Drawing from organic farms in both Bucks and Chester Counties, River & Glen use 100% heirloom Moulard Duck breast, harvested to order and cured to perfection. Compared to other “pig prosciutto”, the cure is rather light: salted for three days, then hung to dry for four weeks until they are ready to go. Each breast is handcured and rubbed with indigenous herbs which are grown and dried on-premesis. The result is an unadulterated, forward flavor of foliage up front, followed by a fruitiness found frequently in big red wines like Montepulciano, Malbec and often Merlot. Hold it on your palate, letting first its natural oils sweep you off your feet. Its tender texture and frangrance to follow beg for a bite of warm baguette. Top it off with a lighter, sweet cheese like Mozzarella di Bufula or perhaps Arina, a semi-soft goatsmilk gouda to balance out the pepper, and a light drizzle of 15-year-old Campari Balsamico di Modena, a decadent ornament for a delicate, finishing touch.

Give the River & Glenn Duck Prosciutto a chance to awaken tastebuds you never knew were there. You’ll only find it here, at Di Bruno Bros. Charcuterie. I’ll be there with samples.