Cafe DiBruno

by Gina Parker

Some like it hot! Some like it iced! Whatever your preference, our baristas deliver. Try a DiBruno Latte. Our signature latte made with espresso, white mocha, mascarpone and steamed milk. Or sip on an Iced Thai Coffee made with Illy coffee, espresso and condensed milk.

Illy coffee, like Dibruno’s, is family owned and operated since the 1930’s. They use exclusively Arabica beans, which are less bitter and deeper in flavor than the more common Robusta bean. Illy blends beans from nine to twelve regions from across the world to obtain its unique flavor. The company purchases only from small, independent, organic farmers, ensuring top quality. Illy is served only in the best hotels, restaurants, cafes and specialty shops.

The aroma of coffee is intoxicating. It comforts. It soothes. It awakens. Whether you’re rushing to work in the morning or passing the afternoon away, we have something for everyone. Pair your coffee with one of our delicious sticky buns or try another of our many eye-teasing pastries.

Our coffee bar is located on the first floor. We open at 7am seven days a week. Please stop by anytime!