Corporate and Social Catering from Di Bruno Brothers

by Laurie Bronstein

Di Bruno Brothers has long been thought of as the place to go for specialty products, in particular cheeses. Not everyone knows that our catering team takes the same standards that our retail store uses and applies it to our meals. It is this resource that allows our catering department to be able to provide both classic South Philadelphia favorites along with new unique flavor combinations. We can provide the special meal for any event both off-premise or in our Chestnut Street location.

For our early risers or the power business breakfast, we offer the Center City Continental. This includes assorted min bagels, muffins and Danish with butter, cream cheese and fruit preserves. Add a freshly brewed pot of Illy coffee for only a couple more dollars and you will feel like you are sipping your cup in a café on Pizza Navona!

If you like to sleep to in, but you have been busy building your appetite, perhaps you will have us bring you your lunch! If you are a true Philadelphian you would probably like our South Philly Hoagies or our Chicken cutlet sandwiches. The Hoagies are freshly baked rolls filled with hand sliced gourmet meats. The chicken cutlets might be as good as moms (but don’t tell her that we said that). If you are seeking something that is equally delectable, but a little friendlier to those watching their carbs, we offer a variety of salads that include Spinach with gorgonzola and grape tomatoes or Nicoise with seared Ahi tuna.

Maybe your extended family has just announced to you that they will be arriving over the weekend, and you need to have dinner for 10 people. Do not think of Di Bruno’s catering just for breakfast and lunch in your office. Let us bring you Meatballs in gravy and our “Di Bruno Style” Chicken Marsala (we can send the eggplant parmigiano for your vegetarian cousin, too!).

And if all of that hasn’t made the foodies of the crowd hungry yet… Maybe we can start you off with the New Potatoes filled with caviar crème fraiche and ricotta or the dried figs with delice de Bourgogne? Our menu doesn’t end with the traditional Italian comfort food. Our chefs can help start your menu wherever you need it to be.

Our kitchen and staff is at your service. We are here to work with you to provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience. The Di Bruno standard of “culinary pioneering” applies to all of our food, and there is no request that we will not try to honor. If you have any questions or would like to speak to anyone in catering please feel free to contact Sarah, Bevin or myself (Laurie) and we would love to help you plan your next event!

Mangia Mangia!