Hide from the Heat with a Fresh Menu Upstairs at Di Brunos

by Maggie Hochberg

We are pleased to present some exciting, seasonal items on our menu Upstairs at Di Bruno Bros. The Upstairs Café has always been known as a convenient spot to grab a quick, tasty lunch; and now it is the proud new owner of some splendid items to satisfy your taste buds.

Among other items, we have a beautiful, light Orange & Fennel Salad. This salad is served with fresh, crisp frisee as the base with juicy orange segments, shaved fennel, sweet candied walnuts, kalamata olives, and a light yet striking walnut vinaigrette. On its own, this refreshing little number is served with manchego shaved on top, and it is also available in accompaniment to a succulent crab cake- which is bursting with jumbo lump crab meat.

If something slightly more substantial is what you desire, then perhaps the Beef Brisket Sandwich is for you. Featuring beautifully cut beef brisket topped with caramelized onions, finely chopped peppadews, and our own bacon horseradish spread on a savory mushroom focaccia, this dish is sure to please even the pickiest of carnivores.

You might be feeling a flair for the more exotic flavors in life. Should this be the case, then the Teriyaki Noodles with Chicken and Tofu should fit the bill. The noodles are a lovely variety mixed with julienne vegetables and combined with grilled chicken and tofu in a beautiful Teriyaki sauce.

Of course, for our creatures of habit we do have our standard classics to choose from as well. The sturdy, reliable favorites such as our Escarole and Beans Salad (a champion with quite the dedicated following) and the classic Calamari Di Bruno (no one does it better) are always available and always delicious. We also offer a variety of sandwich platters served with a bright, delicious house salad and downright addictive home made potato chips.

No lunch item is over $15, and the self service trattoria is a bargain $9.99/ lb. Such delicious food at absolutely reasonable prices makes the Upstairs Café an undeniable gem of a lunch spot. I welcome you to come see for yourself what our loyal regulars already know, you’d be hard pressed to find a better lunch around.

See you Upstairs!