“The Customer is Always Right"

by Curtis Rosengrant

This is one of the more misinterpreted and under-utilized notions in the retail world. It is a phrase inspired by the belief that all steps humanly possible should be taken to make the customer feel appreciated. Their every need should be tended to and their special request met with an enthusiastic response. As the newest Team Leader of the Di Bruno Brothers Meat and Seafood Department, I assure you, I’ve always held this notion in the highest regard.

I would like to discuss many of the “special request” type items available upon request in the Butcher Shop. In most cases, items such as Fresh Venison, Buffalo, Game Birds, Kobe Beef and an array of other hard-to-find items, can be ordered for the next day. Talk about convenience and Customer Service, simply call our Shop, place your special order with your Credit Card and we will have it bagged up and ready to go for a quick pick up.

Our most-requested item of last is Venison Steak. Venison is a flavorful, tender meat that is lower in fat and calories than most Beef, Pork and lamb. I have paired some Venison Steaks with some mango chutney and red wine and was blown away. I highly recommend it.

So whatever your need, special request or even cooking technique questions, give me a call or stop by Di Bruno Butcher Shop. Is the “Customer always right?” All I know is I’ll do everything in my power to make it that way. See you in the Shop.