Molly’s Pies

by Amanda Ruzann

When was the last time you had a really good baked good? The kind that makes you close your eyes when the richness of the butter hits your tongue. The kind that when you unwrap it, the smell automatically brings you back to your grandma’s kitchen.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it.

Here at Cafe DiBruno, we know you’re a busy person – we all are nowadays. Taking the time to make a delicious treat is something we easily shove aside. So we decided to help you out.

Molly’s Pies is a new line of products we’re excited to share with you. Creator Milena Hynes uses Quaker recipes, passed down through her family for years, to make the kind of baked goods we all love and remember but haven’t eaten in far too long. She uses only the best ingredients, including extra-creamy Plugra butter. Molly’s Pies – named after Milena’s precocious daughter, whose distinctive decorating can be seen on each treat – also have no preservatives.

Remember butter bars? Molly’s Pies’ apricot, cranberry-orange, and raspberry butter bars (the last complete with a drizzle of rich dark chocolate!) begin with a luscious ribbon of fruit spread atop crisp shortbread, and are completed by a buttery streusel topping.

And what about the eponymous pies? Molly’s offers classic pecan, a raspberry-apple decorated with pastry stars, apple crisp, and an sinful chocolate peanut butter. The crusts are light, flaky, and the 4″ inch size makes it perfect for indulgence that won’t make you feel TOO guilty the next morning.

So come on in, take a few minutes for yourself, and try one of Molly’s Pies along with a cup of our delicious Illy coffee. Perhaps you’d prefer a foamy cappucino? Or maybe even the drink designed to make you pause and re-evaluate for a moment, a complex and intense espresso? We’ve got ’em all. And we certainly won’t tell if you grab a few treats for later.