Flowers to Enhance Customer Service

Mariana Levandovski

We understand that the official day of Spring is March 20th, and yes, even though it is only mid-February someone needs to get you ready for when it finally does arrive. And what better way to welcome Spring than with those delicately colored fragrant floral bouquets. And with what better reason to purchase flowers than simply for their irresistible beauty and ability to alter a mood.

At Di Bruno Bros. the floral department is just another extension of our Customer Service expertise. Seeing our bouquets add that WOW factor, the unexpected, and of course the delightful surprise that our customers have come to realize is an almost daily event when making a trip to Di Bruno Bros. That’s what we believe excellent customer service is all about; providing the unexpected!

Flowers in the Spring come most plentiful. I’m talking, tulips and daffodils, irises, lilacs, peonies, O MY! Those who enjoy planting bulbs and enjoying their beauty come springtime, more power to you. But then there are those of us who just enjoy the pleasure of an arranged bouquet and with the ease of clipping the stems and filling a vase with water we too have achieved that same springtime pleasure with little effort, and there is nothing wrong with that either and Di Bruno Bros. supports you!

Flowers are usually selected out of spontaneity, because to be honest, can you possibly resist a bright yellow tulip bouquet as you head out the door? Neither can we. As part of our customer service, we provide that unexpected, welcomed surprise of bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers home – “just because.” Something never planned for but so wonderful to receive.