Fee Bros. Bitters and Cocktail Mixes

by Scott Case

Before I begin, I should point out that I am relatively new to the world of cocktails. No, I didn’t just turn 21 (I wish! At nearly 30, I’ve been drinking “the hard stuff” for some time now). But I did grow up in a house where my parents split a Coors Light over dinner and fine wine and beer were hard to come by, let alone spirits! Flash forward about 10 years and after messing around in Philly, spending my meager dollars on PBR, I finally found my way into the best bar in the city – Southwark (oh yeah, their food is pretty banging too). This story is about Fee Bros, and not about Southwark, so I should just tell you, Kip (the proprietor and bar-tender extraordinaire) made me one of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever had. I’ve been a devotee ever since and drinking at such a fine establishment opened me up to the world of mixed drinks.

My newfound interest in cocktails led me to start researching where to
get my hands on the best ingredients. Peychaud’s and Angostura’s
bitters were a natural first step – but then in all of my searching, I
kept coming across one name: Fee Bros. Mixologists (or, as our friend
Katie Loeb from Chick’s likes to call herself, “intoxicologists”) swear
by this family from Rochester, NY – heck, they’ve been making bitters
since 1863. It turns out that we carry a pretty significant sampling of
Fee Bros. products at Di Brunos (we can’t carry them all – they have
over 90 different items to help take your drink to the next level).
Items like Old Fashioned Bitters, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Peach
bitters, Falernum, Spice Cordial syrup and the best Whiskey Sour mix
I’ve ever tasted were suddenly close at hand! Needless to say, I
quickly corrected my PBR-situation and loaded up my bar with a full
arsenal of Fee Bros. products. I’ll never quite have the talents behind
the bar like Kip or Katie, but at least now my guests will have drinks
made using some of the best mixes and bitters around.

For some of my favorite recipes, send me an email at scase@dibruno.com.