Éclat Chocolate

by Scott Case

Today, Christopher Curtin is proud to share his art and experience with you through Éclat Chocolate, but his journey to become a Master Chocolatier began over two decades ago.

He set out from Madison, Wisconsin to the House of le Companion du Devoir, the premier guild for Pastry Chefs in France. It was here that he worked alongside the best journeyman pastry chefs in Europe and became the first American to be awarded the honor of German Master Pastry Chef and Chocolatier in Cologne, Germany.

Now in the realm of the world’s top chocolate makers, Christopher continued to learn from the masters, honing his skills in the finest chocolate houses of Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Japan, and sharing in the greatest of secrets and techniques — secrets and techniques that make eating Éclat Chocolate a unique experience you won’t forget.

Éclat’s caramels have been called “the best in the world” by Jeffrey Steingarten (food critic, Vogue, and author of The Man Who Ate Everything and The Man Who Ate Too Much) and have been featured in Food & Wine and Philadelphia Magazine. Éclat’s chocolates and caramels are an experience to savor and share. We are proud to introduce Éclat Chocolates to Di Bruno Bros. Currently available in 12 and 20 piece assorted caramel boxes and Mendiants – dark chocolate disks from some of the world’s best cacao plantations.