Cool Beans

It started off with two brothers, stuck at home during a snow storm, bored with nothing to eat. So just like any college student or anyone that’s hungry enough to try a little experimentation with a scarce amount of supplies, the brothers did a little mix and match. With a little creativity these two Scarborough natives created Cool Beans.

This product is one of my new favorites. It adds something new and different to the dip and salsa world. It has a hummus like texture and is full of flavor. To all you health conscious folks out there, you’re in luck.

No Trans-Fat
No Saturated Fat
No Cholesterol
No Glutens
No Allergens

Not only is this product absolutely delightful, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating a jar of each flavor in one sitting. This is great because it’s an easy tasty snack. Great for parties, picnics, days on the beach, or even those Sunday night football gatherings. Each one of these flavors has their own unique exciting taste. My favorite combination would be the Cool Beans Hot and Spicy with a garlic flavor crostini.