Cheese Plate of the Week September 3rd, 2007

Crucolo:Cow, Calabria, Italy
-Southern Italy’s answer to Asiago Fresco, Crucolo outshines its inspiration with great depth of flavor and billowy texture. Its idyllic location in the center of the Mediterranean receives bountiful sunlight. The resulting verdure pastures flavor the milk, and the result is layered flavors of wild herbs and grasses.

Le Clandestin: Raw Cow and Raw Sheep, Quebec, Canada
-A washed rind, mixed milk cheese from French-born makers in Canada, Le Clandestin is North America’s closest answer to Epoisses. It is sent to the border the day it turns 2 months old so that we can appreciate a raw milk cheese at its youngest age allowed by U.S. Law. Runny at room temperature, it is silky smooth with balanced salt and slight pungency.

Aged Triple Cream Goat:Goat, New York, U.S.A.
-As you can probably guess from the name, this is an aged, triple cream goat cheese made by Coach Farm in the Hudson Valley. The firm, white rind covers a supple center that is sweet and only slightly tangy. It is an easy pairing for many condiments.

Bleu de Moncenisio: Raw Cow, Piedmont, Italy
-Another Piedmont gem, this blue has a big flavor that is simultaneously sweet and peppery. Its marble appearance makes it an aesthetically upgrade to a cheese plate, but the rich texture and complex flavor will keep you asking for more.