Cheese Plate of the Week October 8th, 2007

Crottin Chavignol:Goat, Loire Valley, France -Aged for two weeks and then packed in an odorless, flavorless nitrogen gas, these Crottin Chavignol are as fresh as you can find outside of France. Pleasantly tart and milky, the terroir of the verdant Loire Valley shines through in this most famous of chevres.

Knight’s Vail:Cow, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
-Introduced in 2002, Knight’s Vail is an homage to the ancestors of the makers, the Germans and Norwegians. It is washed rind and aged for three weeks until it has the color and taste of fresh butter.
Texturally, it is similar to Fontina, and melts just as well.

Maistus Foggiano: Sheep, Sardegna, Italy -Our newest offering from the premier sheep milk region in the world, Maistus Foggiano is everything you expect from a true, table pecorino.
Firm and sharp with drops of oil leaking with every cut, it can be served either on a cheese plate, grated or chunked into pasta or salads, or even shredded and melted on toast.

Crozier:Sheep, Cork County, Ireland
-Essentially Ireland’s response to Roquefort, this superb blue is creamy and smooth with a balanced salt flavor throughout. Unlike its inspiration, it has a hint of chocolate in the finish. While enjoyable at any time in the day, it is probably best served after dinner with a sweet dessert wine.