Cheese Plate of the Week October 22nd, 2007

Cana de Cabra: Goat, Murcia, Spain
-Aged for only 3-4 weeks, this soft-ripened goat cheese is Spain’s assertive response to Bucheron. Murcia is a region renowned for its high quality of goat milk, and Cana de Cabra is one of the finest examples. It is often presented sliced into thin rounds with a simple salad, fried or baked in a pastry.

Robiola Osella: Cow, Piedmont, Italy
-Essentially a sweeter, creamier version of what we call Cream Cheese, Robiola Osella come in 1.5oz cubes. While it can be used in any way that cream cheese can, it is more appropriate for haute-cuisine. The chefs who have been using this on their menu insist that we call them the day they arrive as they are versatile, delicious and affordable.

Ubriaco del Piave:Cow, Friuli, Italy
-In a world of cell-phone/cameras and coffee pot/alarm clocks, it is easy to assume that the Italians are soaking their cheeses in wine so as to cram two pleasures into a shorter amount of time and get on with things. However, washing with cheeses in wine, a style called “Ubriaco,” or “drunk,” has occurred for centuries. Ours is washed with Vajont, a big, fruit-forward red from the Vajont Valley in Friuli.

Pecorino Toscano Fresco:Raw Sheep, Tuscany, Italy
-One of the most famous pecorino in the world, Pecorino Toscano is produced with the highest quality sheep milk available. Mild but full in flavors of olives, grasses and toasted hazelnut, it is ideal as a table cheese or for grating over pasta or risotto.