Cheese Plate of the Week August 27th, 2007

Largo: Cow, California, USA
– Largo is a unique twist on a French classic. While most triple cream cheeses have heavy cream added to them to increase richness and fat content, maker Soyoung Scanlan opted instead to use crème fraiche. Not only does this add a bit of tartness, but creates a runny texture beneath the rind. Because of the deeper depth of flavor and variety of texture, it pairs well with many styles of wine, perhaps best with Sauvignon Blanc and sparkling options.

Pantaleo:Goat, Sardinia, Italy
-On an island dominated by the production of pecorino, Pantaleo stands apart. While most goats are aged for two months, Pantaleo is aged for a minimum half-a-year until it is firm and somewhat sharp. There is an underlying current of black pepper, spotted with hints of the many herbs indigenous to the Island.

La Serena: Sheep, Extremadura, Spain
-Practically a fondue in and of itself, La Serena is one of the most unctuous cheeses in the world. The epitome of a party cheese, the Spanish and Portuguese like to cut it in half and try to consume it before it runs all over the table. Coagulated with a thistle flower, it has a slight vegetal bitterness.

Carles Roquefort:Raw Sheep, Rouergue, France -Voted best cheese in the shop by our customers in March, 2007, this Roquefort, made by hand by 95-year-old Jaques Carles, is considered the favorite Roquefort by anyone who has ever tasted it. A balanced salt flavor yields to the creamy texture and slight sweetness. It is half of perhaps the one absolute wine and cheese pairing, meshing perfectly with Sauternes.