“I shall enjoy an oyster, and kiss the Briny Sea on her lips.”

-Captain W.S. Harold; 1893

With a flavor described in many ways from seaweed-like, sweet and earthy, to salty and savory, the oyster, to those who love them are the true treasure of the Sea. With many varieties and subtle flavor differences, one could never grow tired of trying different types and serving them in different recipes or with different sauces and wines.

Di Bruno Brothers Seafood Department has acquired some wonderful oysters lately from the Chesapeake Bay to Prince Edward Island as well as numerous locations in Canada and British Columbia. The recent abundance of oysters has prompted me to write a short piece and offer some information on oysters. Let us first discuss the ‘R’ month myth. I was raised under the notion that one should only consume fresh oysters raw during the months with an ‘R’ in them, such as October, November, etc. This notion goes back to days when refrigerated transporting of foods was not always possible and the colder months would make shipped oysters safer to consume. These days you can enjoy fresh oysters year round as long as you purchase from a reputable vendor.

I want to serve oysters but how do I open them? There is a point or a hinge at the opposite end of the cup. Take a good oyster knife and insert it at this point. Apply a little pressure and pop it open. Then cut the bottom mussel.

What wine should you serve with your oysters? The following wines won top three at the recent Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Pairing Competition-
-Dry Creek Winery 05 Monterey County Pinot Grigio.
-Geyser Peak 05 Sauvignon Blanc.
-Guenoc 05 Sauvignon Blanc.

Here are some quick and easy Oyster recipes.

***Spicy Oyster Shooter-
Take an oyster, put it in a shot glass, and add a little cocktail sauce, fresh horseradish and jalapeno vodka. Serve Chilled.

***Classic Mignonette Sauce for 12 fresh oysters-
¼ cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons red wine
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
½ cup finely chopped shallots
½ teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
Combine all ingredients and chill. Serve over shucked oysters. A little caviar on top adds a lot to the appearance and flavor!

So whether you serve your oysters hot or cold, with sauce or without, I hope you enjoy them. Remember to come see us at Di Bruno Brothers and we’ll help you with your recipes, special order whatever type of oyster you’re looking for and, as always, certainly share your love and enthusiasm for excellent, fresh seafood!

Chris Dougherty – Di Bruno Brothers Seafood Team Leader