Announcing our New Line of Cured Meats

Growing up in the DiBruno family entitled us to many culinary perks. Perhaps chief among them was the ability to sample our grandfather Danny’s homemade soppressatta behind the counter. Danny’s soppressatta was produced with the freshest ingredients from the Italian Market. And due to the fact that it would be consumed quickly, Danny knew the use of nitrates was completely unnecessary. His cured meats were as true to Italian tradition as could be found in the United States, an assertion fortified by the fact that we have yet to taste anything as good since he stopped making them…until now.

With a tip of the cap to the memory of Dan and his soppressatta, we are proud to introduce a new line of cured meats. Having enlisted the help of some good friends, third generation butchers from Scranton, we are offering Danny’s recipe to our customers.

The principal improvement is that we now enlist the meat of the Berkshire pig, regarded worldwide as the most flavorful and tender. After grinding, it is bound in natural casing, an important improvement which allows all of the flavors enough time to harmonize without encouraging the growth of unhealthy mold or bacteria. It would be inappropriate to use anything but the world’s finest spices to flavor a Berkshire pig. After much deliberation, we settled on the Tellicherry peppercorns from the coast of India, wild fennel seeds from Tuscany and sea salt from Sicily. For the spicy soppressatta, sausage and pancetta, hot peppers from Calabria are added to create the perfect balance of heat and flavor. All of the meats are tied, as in Italy, with organic hemp string.

The full line includes soppressatta, Casalingo salami, Abbruzze, Cacciatorini and Calabrese sausage, Pancetta, Guanciale and San Marino-style salami, which is lightly smoked. We encourage you to enjoy it as we did in our youth, with Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegar and in the company of loved ones.