Cheese Plate of the Week

Tumin Rutulin: Goat, Piedmont, Italy
-Seemingly Italy’s answer to Bucheron, Rutulin comes in the traditional three-pound log, but is made by hand with higher quality milk. In addition, it is rolled in either grape must, sesame seeds or wild herbs. A decadent alternative for salads or roulades, it is outstanding at room temperature or melted.

Isle of Mull Cheddar: Raw Cow, Isle of Mull, Scotland
-A cheddar that meets all the qualifications of Artisan Somerset Cheddar except for the fact that it is not from Somerset. Raw Milk and made entirely by hand, it is earthy and sharp with a long finish. A unique fact is that the cattle that give their milk to this cheese feed on the spent grain of Scotch distilleries.

Idiazabal: Raw Sheep, Spanish Basque
-A slight modification of Manchego, Idiazabal is aged for six month, all the while being washed with olive oil. What distinguishes it from Manchego is that it is smoked continuously over chipped beech wood. The smoking is only slightly apparent in the flavor, but also effects the texture, which is firm but slightly oily.

Bartlett Blue: Raw Cow, Vermont, USA
-From Matteo Kehler at Jasper Hill Farms comes one of America’s premier blues. Having studied with the makers of Colston Bassett Stilton, this cheese comes in similar form and style to its predecessor. However, Matteo has the advantage of raw milk, which contributes to the many layers of flavor. The finish has notes of dark chocolate, making it ideal for after dinner.